CAD industry has become a behemoth over the last 2 decades and CAD program has permeated into many industries to improve efficiency as well as productivity. As a part of the phenomenon, ZWSOFT, as a CAD solution provider, has been developed rapidly and its flagship product has been embraced and apprised by the market. This year, to mark the 15th birthday of its flagship product ZWCAD, ZWCAD Classic comes out to reward all these years support from all the customers and users.

Your Proved Trusty CAD

An Omni-functional design tool that really cares for your budget.

15 Years Achievements

Available in 15 languages with over 320000 users across more than 80 countries.

Inside Look of ZWSOFT

A responsible company aims to provide better solution.

Your Reliable and Efficient Design Tool to Get Job Done

Seamless Compatibility with Other CAD Software

Having been through over 50,000 extremely rigorous drawing tests to guarantee seamless .dwg compatibility.

Fluent Working with Fast and Stable Experience

Quicker and more stable performance in processing CAD drawings without hindrance.

ZERO Relearning Cost with Easy-to-use Functionality

Similar commands to your previous program and easy-to-use features save you a lot of time and money.

Efficient Design Tools for Productive Drawing

Tools like Render, Image and Hatch can speed up workflow and design efficiency.

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ZWCAD Classic Overview Video

To get concrete ideas about how the features in ZWCAD Classic help improve design efficiency and get job done by watching the video. zwcad download

Let Numbers Tell What We have Achieved in the Past 15 Years

I am impressed with ZWCAD. With the combination of ease of use, DWG native format, feature rich commands, user interface, and affordable price point, it’s looking like I may have just turned the corner and freed myself from an old way of thinking.

Ray Howard

CEO, CAD2BIM Solutions

I try always to find reasons not to like a new program, but I am struggling here. ZWCAD is a well presented package, with a slick operation and smooth feel. It is well worth a look by anyone dealing with drawings.

Steve Lynch

Project Engineer with 16 years CAD experience

ZWCAD Classic is not Just a CAD Program but with Extended Meaning

The meaning of ZWCAD Classic exceeds the product itself, it is more of a thank you gift we want to promote to thank you for all the years support from our customers and users.

Kingdom Lin

General Manager, ZWCAD Global Business

ZWCAD Classic comes out with high compatibility, ease-of-use as well as powerful functionality which not only improves productivity but also provide better value for budget.

Daniel Huang

ZWCAD Product Manager , ZWSoft

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Thank you for Your Support in the Past 15 Years

ZWCAD has been warmly embraced by the market since its emergence 15 years ago. Its prosperity in the past 15 years has everything to do with customers’ support and faith. Customers’ support is the drive for us to provide better product in the future.

ZWCAD Classic

ZWCAD Classic is a 15th anniversary product with high compatibility, ease-of-use as well as powerful functionality which not only improves productivity but also provides better value for budget.

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ZWCAD 2017

If a faster, more stable and more efficient CAD program is what you have been longing for, ZWCAD 2017 can make a difference in your CAD design.
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