Attaching raster image to your drawings better shows off your designs, ZWCAD Classic supports numerous image formats, including BMP, TIF, GIF, JPG, PNG, PCX, TGA and ECW.



Multileader enables you to attach annotations to multiple leader lines. You can add a leader line to an existing multileader object or remove a leader from it very conveniently.


Hatch fills in the enclosed area or object with a solid fill, gradient fill or a predefined hatch pattern. This makes the drawing vivid during a presentation. ZWCAD Classic supports .pat files from other mainstream CAD software.

Rev Cloud

Revision Cloud calls attention to the areas of a drawing that contain revisions. You can select the style of the revision cloud: Normal or Calligraphy, as well as convert objects to revision clouds, such as circles, ellipses or polylines.


Tool Pallettes

The Tool Palettes function provides an efficient way to organize, share, and store “tools”, such as blocks, hatch patterns, entities, and even content from third-party developers.

Design Center

The Design Center allows you to search and access any CAD resource stored on your computer or other computers on your local network. You can insert content in the current drawing, such as dimension styles, blocks, text styles, line types, and even layers from other drawings.


Layer Properties Manager

The Layer Properties Manager lists all the layers and their properties for batch processing. By editing the properties and applying changes in the manager, you will find the visual complexity of a drawing greatly reduced.


Friendly User Interface

The Windows-style user interface of ZWCAD Classic arranges the menus, toolbars, command line, and dialog boxes in a way that is familiar to Windows users. This lets you begin working with ZWCAD Classic right away. The Drawing tabs make it easy to switch between open drawings.

Customizable User Interface

You can customize your ZWCAD Classic menu, commands, toolbars, hotkeys and alias. ZWCAD Classic is bringing you the most comfortable design environment to allow for the most efficient work.

Time Saving

File Compare

File Compare function helps you find differences between two similar-looking drawings. It highlights differences by color coding changed objects, blocks, and even external references. You can customize the comparison settings, such as colors and filters.


Breaking Dimension Line

Dimension break function breaks dimension lines where they cross other lines — without splitting the lines, which make the drawing much more clear. And the broken dimension lines are still easy to adjust.

External Reference

Insert entire DWG files as external references. This lets everyone on your team collaborate together on big designs, yet won’t increase the drawing file size by much.

Solid Profile

The Solid Profile feature creates profiles of 3D solids with ease. You can specify 2D and 3D profiles. Hidden and visible lines are placed onto different layers automatically.



Sometimes you need to update textual information in drawings. This painstaking task is solved with the field function. It updates information for you automatically.


The Table feature lets you easily create neat tables just in a single step. In-place editing allows you to edit the contents of table cells, just as if you were working in Microsoft Excel. In addition, tables can export and import data files to and from Excel spreadsheets.



You can plot drawings to both files and paper. Multiple options can help you to fine-tune the results, including specifying the paper size, setting the plot scale, selecting a plot style, and adding a plot.



With Publish, models and layouts can be published to a single or multi-page DWF file or plotter. This allows you to share drawings with coworkers or clients safely and quickly.


eTransmit improves collaboration between you and your clients. With a simple click, it collects all of the related drawings and support files and puts them into one package. The package includes the drawings, images, external references, fonts and other files you might want to attach.


Realistic renderings of 3D models produce more convincing presentations to clients than 2D drawings do. ZWCAD Classic provides a rich variety of materials, multiple light types, and environmental settings to generate renderings. It is a good way to show off your design vision, and to verify it with others.