ZWSOFT, a reliable provider of all-in-one CAx solutions, announced the availability of ZWCAD 2022 SP2. As the latest version of its flagship 2D CAD solution, its speed and friendliness have been elevated to the next level. 

Efficient Without Compromising Stability

In this SP2 version, the cursor hovers over the entities so smoothly that you will not experience unexpected pauses while designing. Besides, with high-quality output guaranteed, geometric hidden shade plotting in ZWCAD 2022 SP2 costs 87% of the time needed in other CAD software on average, and only 38% at its best.

While being faster, ZWCAD 2022 SP2 is more stable, especially in terms of typical operations such as zooming in, switching between layouts, and copying all entities.

Plotting Is Even Smarter

In addition to helping you plot drawings in batches, Smart Plot is enhanced with two major new functions. One allows you to customize output file names with one or multiple variables of a specified field. This means you can efficiently set up all file names before plotting, instead of manually changing them one by one afterwards.

The other enables automatic paper size recognition for both virtual and physical printers. By matching the block name with the paper size setting, you can plot different sizes of paper correspondingly at once.